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We currently offer two pop-up pubs for hire -The Rose and Crown and the more compact Red Lion. Both feature interior serving bar areas and a rooftop terrace with staircase access.


The Rose and Crown offers more interior bar area space on the ground floor as well as an 8' x 20’ room upstairs opening onto the terrace, whilst the Red Lion offers flexible bar serving areas for use as a walk-in or front serving bar. Scroll down for a brief summary of their features. You can also see more examples of our pop-up pubs on the gallery page here.



Open air roof terrace for up to 50 guests, with staircase access.
Ideal for alfresco dining, live music etc.

Optional walk-through doors for use with marquees, hidden areas, etc.

Enclosed seating area.

Ideal for Buffets,

Cocktails etc.

Traditional pub bar area



Open air roof

terrace for up to 50 guests, with staircase access.
Ideal for alfresco dining, live music etc.

Serving area with ‘L-shaped’ bar

Compact traditional pub bar area

Removable back wall panels to enable use as a walk-through or marquee entrance

Interchangeable front panel area. Additional front-serving bars can be fitted


Our pop-up pubs look and feel just like a real building, however they are based around shipping containers, and arrive direct to your location on the back of two lorries - one with a HIAB crane.

The Rose & Crown is made from three shipping containers with an upstairs room accessible via the roof deck, whilst the Red Lion is a more compact two-container build featuring a roof deck and reconfigurable bar serving area.

Due to its smaller footprint, the Red Lion pub only requires one HIAB lorry for delivery and installation, making it ideally suited to locations with limited space.


Every site location is different, but in most cases our friendly and experienced crew can deliver your pop-up pub and have it set up in just a few hours.  All you need is stable ground with lorry access and enough space for the building to stand on.


The drawing above illustrates how the Rose & Crown pop-up pub is landed and how much space you will need for a standard installation.  As the Red Lion requires only one lorry, the delivery space required is reduced from 10m to 5m. The lorries can load from in front (as shown) or from behind the pub site as required.


Ideal for Weddings, Corporate Events, Festivals, Sporting Events, Private Parties etc. Get in touch to discuss your requirements!



Our pop-up pubs are named The Rose And Crown and The Red Lion as standard, but they can of course be renamed for any occasion. We can design and produce all the required elements for you in-house, including full colour printed signage, traditional signwriting as well as CNC cut 3D lettering finished in any colour you require.

We also offer guidelines and templates for designers to create their own artwork and lettering to allow for total creative control. Signage is easily swappable and can be stored between shows for use over multiple events and occasions. See below for information on the standard custom signage areas of our pop-up pubs.





Double Sided Hanging

Sign (510mm x 784mm)

Panel Size: 5210 x 405mm


Panel A: 1454 x 384 mm        Panel B: 1371 x 384 mm         Panel C: 1529 x 384 mm                       Panel D: 2524 x 384mm

Curved Sign

(965mm x 2000mm)

Double Sided Hanging

Sign (510mm x 784mm)




Red Lion Pub
Rose And Crown Pub




Before you contact us, you may find it helpful to read through these Frequently Asked Questions. If not, scroll down and fill in the enquiries form below.

How much does it cost? This will vary depending on how far from our Oxfordshire storage facilities your site is located, as transport is the main variable expense involved. The Red Lion is cheaper to hire, requiring only one lorry to deliver as opposed to two for the Rose and Crown. Please contact us directly for a free quote.

How long does it take to build? We allow a day to build and a day to take down either pop-up pub, and a consideration must be made for transport time to and from site as well. For an average weekend hire the pub would generally be delivered on a Thursday and collected on a Monday. Anything lasting longer than a week would incur an additional cost.

Do you supply the drinks and staff? Our pop-up pubs are supplied on a dry hire basis, meaning no drinks, staff or glassware are included as standard, however we are able to supply all of these if required.

How many people does it hold? The only areas with restrictions are the roof terraces which are rated to hold a maximum of 50 people on the Rose & Crown and 50 people on the Red Lion. As the pop-up pubs feature open front bar access, people are able to make full use of the surrounding area as well.

Can I get it delivered outside mainland UK? Yes!
We are able to deliver to most European locations if required. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Can you design the signage for me? Yes, we can create any sort of signage you require, from simple print-based designs through to traditional hand painted artwork.  The 3D lettering can also be made in any font you require. In addition, we can produce and fit your own supplied artwork/graphics etc if you prefer. Have a look here for more information, and click here to download templates for the signage areas on our pop-up pubs.

What do I need to power it? As standard the pop-up pubs require a 32 amp power supply to ensure no problems running the refrigerators, lighting and any sort of sound equipment or cash registers you may wish to use. It is possible to run just the pub lights using a normal household 13 amp supply, but we would strongly suggest using a 32 amp supply where possible.

What about disabled access? The pubs are supplied with ramp access to the bars via the front entrances, or on the Rose & Crown the side door can be used too. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Please use the form below to get in touch and let us know your requirements. If possible, include any dates (even rough ones) and also any information about the location you have in mind for your pop-up pub. Alternatively, please feel free to telephone us on the number shown.

Thanks for getting in touch - we'll get back to you as soon as possible!


Please address all correspondence to:

Pop-Up Pubs

College Farm


Chipping Norton




Telephone: +44 (0)1993 832155


We have various downloadable resources available including a PDF summary brochure for each of our pubs, as well as signage guidelines and templates for designers available here.

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